Vogue Facts

Our first laundry plant was situated in Sham Po Kong, Kowloon in 1977, at 3000 square feet.

Top class equipments - Highly efficient using latest technology

Towards the highest standards of operational efficiency, we have been investing in high performance machines and technologies. Our customer can rest assured linen comes out cleaned and fresh.

We offer reliable, time-efficient services with four continuous batch washers, installed in our plant. The total investment of the washers, which can achieve 260,000 washed pieces per day, is over 40 million dollars. Other equipments allow further automation and can handle bulk volume efficiently.

Latest technology

Streamlining our customer's daily operations and promoting paperless environment, with the latest tablet, our customer can send requests electronically with one click of a button, and instructions will be received at real time. With improved control on the production planning, we can better manage requests.

Equipments to support our customer

To allow our customer to transport linen and garment from one place to another easily, we would assign suitable equipments to support various business needs including our own designed trolleys.

Leverage our logistics capabilities

With real time order communication, our logistics team is always ready to provide on-schedule collection and delivery service to our customers.